vilitra 40


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Medication Name Levitra
Dosage 40Mg
Manufacture Centurion Labs
Generic Name Verdanafil
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Price – 60 pills / $140,   100 Pills / $160,  200 Pills / $ 240,  300 Pills / $320,  400 Pills / $380, 500 Pills / $440

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There are people who are in their 60’s or 70’s and their body is not that responsive now as compare to what they had when they were in their 30’s and 40’s. Levitra is one product desined for these people when they want to enjoy with their counterpart. It is a generic form of levitra that has an active ingredient Verdanafil.

Sildenefilis used by people who doesn’t get proper erection because of their age factor however still they want to enjoy with their counter part. This tablet help them to improve their blood circulation and get their erection in flow. It is a higher version of sildenefil citrate. It has to be taken by by like warm water also need to make sure there should be no effect of alcohol or junk food on the person who consume it. There are couple of manufacturing units who produce this tablet however we always send the best one to make sure customer is completely satisfied.

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