Fildena Extra Power 150


Medication Name Fildena
Dosage 150Mg
Manufacture Fortune Healthcare
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Shipping Free (UK, USA, Australia)


Price – 60 pills / $130,   100 Pills / $180,  200 Pills / $ 340,  300 Pills / $400,  400 Pills / $520, 500 Pills / $600

$200.00 $130.00


Fortune Healthcare is one company that is manufacturing one of the best Generic medication when it comes to Sildenefil Citrate. Its very well known as a purple pill in the market among men. true joy is something that can come from this one tablet. Fortune healthcare always spend time to check and review the quality of the medication before it goes in the hands of normal customer. This is the reason we get 100% end result and effect after intake of this tablet.

Due to heavy work pressue and mental load impotency is very common among men and they always look for something that can bring their joy back. Here we are with this product that can guarantee satisfaction of the person. Luke warm water is what is needed to have this medication and 30 to 45 min prior to the intercourse. Rest enjoy to the max as it would get you maximum pleasure while having sex with your counterpart. after using this medication one can truely rely on this company for their joy.

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