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Aurogra 100

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Medication Name Aurogra 100mg for men
Dosage 100mg
Manufacture Aurochem laboratories
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
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Aurogra 100 is one of the finest product in the category of Generic Sildenafil Citrate comes from the manufacturing unit Aurochem Labs. It is a simple solution to the problem of impotence for men. This product increases the blood circulation in the body to the sexual organs hence erection happens without any issue.

In today’s time because of workload, stress, mental pressure impotency is common in men so This tablet helps them instantly and it’s affordable too. The active ingredient in this is sildenafil citrate that increases blood circulation so that men enjoy their sex for the longest time. This tablet has to be consumed 30-45 mins prior to the intercourse and its effect would remain in the body for next 5-6 hours.


How to use Aurogra 100mg without any side effects

As we know, Generic Aurogra 100mg is the best medicine for resolve ejection problem in men. It comes in tablet form that used by men in the whole world. Aurogra 100mg always take with a glass of water. During the get dose of aurogra 100mg, your stomach should be empty for getting the best result. After taking the one tablet aurogra 100mg then it will start work within 30-45 minutes.


Side Effects Aurogra tablet

All medicine comes with Side-effect. It is common and very natural in pharmacy, Aurogra has also come in this category. Aurogra 100mg is generic medicine; it gives very least harm to the body. The overdose of aurogra or regular using of aurogra is definitely, will create diseases. If you use the aurogra with some perception then you can use it for a long time without any side-effect. Most common side-effect using of aurogra that you have to face dizziness, nausea, fall down to blood pressure etc.


Buy Aurogra 100mg Online

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