Artvigil - 150


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Medication Name Artvigil
Dosage 150Mg
Manufacture Signature
Generic Name Armodafinil
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Artvigil is another brand comes in the category of Armodafinil. It comes with a dosage of 150MG. Another fine product by the leading manufacturing unit of generic medication Hab Pharma (Signature). It has an active ingredient Armodafinil. People who need to stay awake and fresh for longer time beacuse of their work commitments or other tasks look for this medication. as it provide good efect by making them dtay alert when needed.

Again it can be used by anyone regardless of age however it is advised to have one tablet a day. It stands almost equilant to Waklert which comes in same category according to user reviews. Hab Pharma is know for its quality so the same thing can be expected from this product too. If you looking for an armodafinil tablet that can gurantee you desired result, Artvigil from Signature is one product that you should go with. Though it a generic form of Armodafinil however it is been made with proper checks and reviews in labs of HAB pharma, So it can be trusted.

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